Google Assistance Integration.

  • 19 January 2018
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Well we have wireless speakers launched by multiple company's. I recently looked at the Sony speaker with Google Assistance baked in. Why is it that other companies can develop and launch speakers yet Sonos are still languishing with Alexa only.

Surely with the resources and experience of Sonos this should have launched by now. I have multiple Sonos speakers, no interest in Amazon Alexa, so if this drags on I will be considered other options. I love my Sonos but it is getting slow to develop. Surprised as last year new CEO highlighted the need to develop and at a greater rate then in the past.

Will wait a couple more months then will go elsewhere to expanded my music system. Shame as I was going to get the playbase next.

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6 replies

Good luck finding an alternative! That Sony gets poor reviews for lousy sound quality. Sony has a long history of abandoning products (remember their S-Air wireless speaker line?). They will abandon this one, too, when sales disappoint.
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It's not just the Sony speaker. Multiple manafactures are/ have released Assistance enabled speakers. It's just a shame it takes Sonos so long to develop/ test then release updates.

Just think they are been left behind.
Yeah, they’ve been “left behind” by hundreds of now-obsolete “competitors” over the past 15 years, lol.

Google Home integration is coming sometime this year. I would guess this Spring. Meanwhile, you can use the Yonomi app to control Sonos playlists from the Google air freshener by voice.
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Hope it does come soon. I will give Tomoko a look.
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They are just finishing up the Alexa support. I think its amazing that they are giving voice support to their line of speakers that goes back 10 years. What other company is bringing out voice support to 10 year old speakers. Sure it may be easy to do developing a new speaker from scratch (which Sonos did pretty quickly in the Sonos One) .... but being able to add voice support to such a mature ecosystem is pretty amazing.
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Well if you want some voice functionality with google home mini and you existing Songs app Yomomi app that was mention will let you control your Sonos TuneIn Favorites, and you can control volume, start and pause as will. Just set up a bunch of routines, and then short cut them in your google home app. And have a tablet or phone with the yomomi app always on the wifi. And you can just say hay google Z100 at level 15, and it will play it at 15% power level. Just be prepared for a long set up.

Not the ideal work around, but it will let you control everything except music subscriptions. App is a bit buggy during setup, but once it is all setup, it actually works reasonably well for what it is.