geofence on phone to automatically start selected music when arriving home

I think it would be super bad ass if you could set a geofence on your iphone using the sonos app so that you could automatically start music playing as you connect to your wifi pulling into driveway.  You could either resume what you were playing when you left and paused it, or a selected playlist.

This would be a great marketing point too, as it is very cool.

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Or.... when entering a specific room. Like when I go to bed, I always turn on the Sonos (low volume) to listen music before I go to sleep. How great it would be if I walk into the bedroom and my Sonos are turned on automatically? I always have my iPhone with me.
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Someone told me you can geofence your home and use IFTTT (IF This Then That) plus other apps to do allsorts - lights/TV/Music etc. I am not sure how you would teach it which room you were in though.
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Legnum Nick wrote:

I am not sure how you would teach it which room you were in though.

Your phone's GPS (or connection to a wifi network) is used for geofencing, but it's not accurate enough to determine what room your in. You could use motion detectors to determine there is motion in a room, to trigger playback of music, but I imagine that would create a lot of false triggers in reality. For the 'going to bed' scenario, I'd schedule the event if I went to bed at a consistent time. If not, then I'd create a routine that can be called by voice or the press of a button. Not exactly what you want but, probably as close as you're going to get.

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