For Podcasts Specifically: Quickly reverse the sorting of the queue

  • 23 October 2018
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The issue I'm making this feature request to address is that, with Google Play Music, if I navigate to a podcast and want to listen to all the available episodes, and so I double-click the podcast to add all the episodes to the queue and replace it, they go in in reverse order. By which I mean the latest episode is the first in the queue, and then the next latest is the second in the queue.

This means that when the podcast episodes start playing, I hear the latest one first. Which would be great if I were a regular listener, but isn't so great with podcasts where I don't listen regularly. Because there could be 2 or more episodes I then listen to in reverse order.

Recognizing that part of it may be that Google Play Music's sorting is non-standard and reversed (I don't know - this is just conjecture), what would be nice would be a quick way to re-sort the queue to reverse it from its current sorting.

If this is an operation I am just missing how to do in the current version of the (mac) desktop application, please do feel free to let me know.

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2 replies

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Hi there, Malcolm Gin. Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community. Just as you eluded to, when it comes to Sonos the content provider determines how content is displayed on the Sonos Controller. That being said, it may be helpful to reach out to Google Play about this as well. In the meantime, I am happy to forward this along to the team for consideration and visibility.

Google play lets you reverse the order, and has forever. This is an issue that has me considering moving away from sonos. It is an easy fix to just reverse the play order.