Feedback on new app interface

  • 29 October 2017
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Some issues I have with the new app UI.

All that white makes the black toolbar dissappear in the phone or tablet border around the screen. It took me a long time to figure out how to select a speaker. I got stuck trying to change speaker group settings to get an other in the beginning.

The black toolbar is not present all the time. I should not need to press back to get to the toolbar with main functions like selecting a speaker. This is one reason for why I had a hard time finding speaker selection. The speaker name is at the bottom of the view where you see what is currently playing and play/skip controls. However the speaker name is only used to open the speaker group view not select another speaker.

The black toolbar icons need to have graphics in bright white and thicker lines. They are hard to see now with its greyish color. The more... button however is bright white. All should be like that.

The UI is harder to get used to in general. I get the feeling that I'm tapping around a lot more now to achieve the same thing compared to the old app.

These are my most important feedback. I won't bring up more for now. Please address these issues. Most of them should be easy fixes based on my own software development experiences.

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