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I have a lot of music on iTunes on my computer, which is uploaded to the cloud via iTunes Match and synced to my iPhone. That way, I have the exact same local copy of my music on both my Mac and iPhone. Unfortunately, when I add my music to the queue via the Sonos Mac app, it doesn't play once I close the laptop. Same goes for the iPhone -- if I add it from there, I can't play it after a few hours, even if my phone continue to be connected to the same Wifi network. Both return an error saying the songs can't be played and that I have to launch the controlled of the device I added the queue from.

I wish there was a way to fix that so I don't have to keep adding the same music from whichever device I'm using.

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Hi, Prodan. Thanks for raising this with us. You are entirely correct, the memory on these devices becomes unavailable after a period of inactivity, or one they are powered off. The number one recommendation to circumvent this issue would be to use a NAS drive to host your music library. Let us know if you have any further questions. Many thanks.


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