Feature Request: two factor authentication when changing Wifi networks

  • 6 September 2019
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I'd like to request a software update from Sonos.

Once the speakers are setup on a network, I would like any attempt to change the Wifi network the speakers are on to trigger two-factor authentication. Right now Sonos speakers are a small footprint high value item that are ripe for theft or burglary. I believe this update would greatly diminish these threats and is needed.

For people who don't want to ever have to deal with two factor authentication, there could be the option to turn off this feature, but I think it should be turned on by default. I don't think it would cause much hassle as usually the speakers stay in the same house and there is no need to change the Wifi network in the first place.

I recently had an attempted burglary on my house and think the house was targeted for the Sonos equipment.

2 replies

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@Denver2019 Thanks for the suggestion. I'll forward along a feature request to the team to add a dual factor authentication option to the app.
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This would be a huge pain for the second-hand market.