Feature request: Speaker synchronisation

  • 23 October 2016
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I have a request for a configuration feature on Sonos systems, where a couple of speakers can be settup to play synchroneous when playing same source, but not be forced to always play the same source, as they are when grouping them today.

A short description of our setup:
We used to have three FM radios, one in a bedroom one in a joining bathroom and one in a nearby kitchen.
When all three played same station we could walk from room to room without any sound problems.
Then we switched one of the FM radios to a DAB radio and echo problems started.
DAB radios are out of sync and two or three different DAB radios will not be in sync.
When I head about Sonos and the Speaker synchronisation feature i bought three speakes to solve my problem.
Sonons speaker sync works, but it is not really user friendly in our setup, where we usually hear the same station every day and use the buttons on the speakers to turn them on and off. We cannot turn the kitchen speaker on without turning the bedroom speaker on too, or use the phone app.
It should thus be possible to have a "dynamic" group of speakers that will play in sync everytime they are set to the same source.
Could this be implemented in Sonons ?

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3 replies

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Your DAB radio and syncing issue has nothing to do with Sonos.

What I get out of your post you have issue with Sonos is that when you group say 3 speakers as a room. Later on when someone just wants to turn on playing on a single speaker it is still grouped so playing one plays them all. Your suggestion is that the play pause feature on the top only apply to that zone.

I don't forsee an ability for the play/pause button to ungroup and just control that speaker. It used to be a mute button where the stream in background would play and that speaker would just mute. Instead of using play/pause since your listening to radio you could turn down the volume instead of stopping playback. Then if someone went to the speaker individually they could turn up the individual volume at the speaker and just that speaker then would be heard.

Another option is to set a daily alarm that separates the groups and plays the station at 0 volume. So that the station then is always queued up and ready to play and turn up volume on and individual speaker.
Hi Chris, my explanation about the DAB radio was only an attempt to explain my scenario.
I dont want to change the behaviour of the Mute button, I want a new type of grouping e.g. dynamic group or near group.
Speakers assigned to this group should not act as a group when pressing the mute button, but when any two speakers in the group play the same source they should be playing in sync i.e. as a group.
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Notice work arounds. I'm not sure you will see much change as far as button