Feature request - Sonos Port & Amp - Trueplay, Equaliser, DSP

  • 27 July 2021
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The room plays such an important part in the sound. Could Sonos please enable the Trueplay feature or provide a more sophisticated equaliser/dsp on the Sonos Port and Amp?


Sonos Port and Amp are priced as Sonos premium products and don’t have this feature yet their cheaper products like the One do.

Other companies like Marantz, Lyngdorf, NAD offer room correction for their amps without knowing the speakers so this can’t be the reason for not including it. If Sonos added such a feature to their Port and Amp it would give them a significant competitive advantage compared to more similar priced products.



3 replies

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Hi @Marcin8888 

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TruePlay is a little more complicated than just frequency equalisation - it also performs timing adjustments and corrects spectral defects from reflections. For this reason, and others, it can only be done when the exact nature of the speaker driver is known which is why the Port doesn’t it at all and why the Amp will only do it with Sonance Architectural speakers, which are specifically made for the Amp (the Amp can detect when they are in use).

It’s similar to the requirement that the controller be an Apple product for TruePlay - their microphones are known quantities, unlike with Android devices where the microphones can vary even on the same marque of a particular model.

Thank you for your feedback, however - this thread has been marked as a feature request and will be reviewed by the relevant team.

Thanks for your response Corry.


Perhaps you could ask/forward a request for a simplified Trueplay to be enabled on Port and Amp; one that only deals with frequency equalisation?


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Hi @Marcin8888 

You’re very welcome.

By saying it here, on a topic marked as a feature request, you already have :sunglasses: