Feature request: S2 Android App

  • 16 February 2021
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Can I suggest the following changes to the Android S2 app, please?

  1. Please make the mute button bigger. I have to hit it two or three times for it to activate.
S2 Screenshot
  1. Please make the app load quicker. It takes a full 7 seconds for the app to load and if i navigate away from the Sonos screen, it has to load all over again. This is very frustrating when I am working on multiple apps.
  2. If I setup a group of speakers all linked to my Beam and for one reason or another I need to mute this, the group gets broken and I need to set it up again.

Thanks for you support.




3 replies

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Hi @Arrowmaker, welcome to the Sonos Community!

Regarding your first point, I’ll be happy to put that forward as a feature request for you.

For your second and third points, however, this sounds like a network issue - would it be possible to reboot your router (turning it off for about 15 seconds before turning back on), followed by each Sonos device when the network is back online? This should help to re-establish connections across the network and may help with the app loading up, and issues with groups.

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I would like to add my input on the first point - I think all of the buttons should be bigger.

The icons themselves do not need to be bigger, but the area that you have to hit is too small. I often use the app on a treadmill and other buttons such as “forward” and “back” are hard to hit in the right place, when they don’t need to be. There is lots of “dead space” around these buttons which doesn’t need to be “dead”



I tried rebooting the entire system and router. It made no difference to the time (7-9seconds) it takes to load the app on Android phone. This is very annoying when I get a ‘phone call and need to mute the speakers. Surely Sonos has the resources to improve this app which is central to the operation of the system.