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  • 5 August 2020
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I am running a split system with both S1 and S2 devices.

I can start any of them, and then turn off my app or computer, and the device continues to play (with the exception of the shared music library from the computer, only because the shared directory disappears from the wifi when the computer is shut off).).

This fact proves that the device is doing all the work, not the S1 or S2 apps/controller, which simply send the device an instruction to begin playing whatever service, while the device takes it from there.

This proves that S1/S2 total incompatibility need not be a foregone conclusion.

Both my S1 and S2 devices play identical services, some simultaneously.

There is no reason my S2 app should not be able to tell my S1 device to start playing a service it already is capable of playing, especially when the S2 app sees the S1 device in the setup/detection process before it decides to error out and inform me the two are incompatible.

I understand that some feature might arise in the future that S1 devices cannot handle, but for now that feature does not exist.

Having both types of devices simply play in sync seems a rudimentary clocking thing to do, and if a device doesn't support a service the app could simply tell you. This could also save the company time by only having to support one app.

Please add the ability for the S2 app to command an S1 device to do what both can already do...

Thank you,


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6 replies

Marcus C,

I don’t understand why you didn’t just choose to leave your devices all running on an S1 Household in your case? You only have to switchover and use S2, if you are running the Sonos Arc, Five, or Sub (gen3). I think running all on an S1 HH would have achieved the outcome you’re perhaps looking for and that is to play all your current Sonos devices in perfect sync.

The reason is: I have a Gen 1 connect:Amp made in November of 2014, so only runs on S1, and A Sonnos Amp from June 2020, so only runs on S2...

The reason is: I have a Gen 1 connect:Amp made in November of 2014, so only runs on S1, and A Sonnos Amp from June 2020, so only runs on S2...

I’m fairy sure, that’s not the case Marcus, both devices you mention will run on an S1 Household … if you want them to group-play (in sync) you need to put the Amp on your S1 HH.

The only devices Sonos makes which only work on S2 are the Arc, the Five, and the Sub, gen 3. All other devices can work on S1 or S2. But not both at the same time.

@Marcus C the introduction of S2 was not about the various controller app, but the physical capabilities of the old hardware putting limits on what a modern system to do.  Yes, we don’t really see any feature differences between S1 and S2 devices right now, but the capability is much expanded, and I believe the communication between devices has been upgraded as well.  In order for the devices to communicate with each other, then they must use the lowest common denominator in the system.

As far as putting all devices, S1 and S2 in the app, that would likely cause more confusion then anything else, since devices would not be able to always group together, the streaming services in each system can be different, etc.  I don’t think it would save on development costs since S1 is essentially not developed any more, just bug fixes.  As well, people entirely on S1 only would not want to see updates for S2 that they can’t utilize, and vice versa.  I’m on a split system myself and I much prefer two apps rather than one mixed where it’s harder to tell what room can do what.


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You can use a third party app if you want to control your split S1/S2 system within a single app.

Or you could switch back to an all-S1 system to keep things simple by factory resetting your Amp and adding it to your existing S1 household.