Feature Request: reverse Sonos Playlist

  • 26 June 2019
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Hi Sonos

It would be really nice if you can reverse the queue, because of the following reason.

When I add a Spotify playlist (which I update weekly) to the queue, all my recent added songs end up at the bottom of the queue. So if I want to listen the recent added songs (let's say 5) I have to scroll all the way down (it contains 500+ songs) to listen to them. And after the 5 songs, the queue reached the end and the music stops.

In short: reverse the queue so I can listen "back in time"

This would be awesome! (and max 5 story point when it comes to Scrum ;-)

Looking forward to the next release!


7 replies

Kinda of a repost:

But maybe the Product owner is replaced and the request got lost 😉
You can put the new songs at or near the top of the playlist in the first place. It's a bit fiddly but still pretty easy. You just:

  1. Pick a Sonos 'room' and clear the queue.
  2. Play or select your five songs (or whatever). You can choose to 'add to end of queue' or 'play next'
  3. Select your existing playlist and choose to add it to the end of the queue
  4. Save the queue. You will have the option of saving over the existing version with the same name. (Although you may want to change the name slightly each time for safety.)
There is a variation on this in which you load the playlist first then choose the new songs to 'play next'. It leaves the previous first track in the same position.

I hope that helps.
Further thought: I notice on re-reading that this is a Spotify playlist that you are loading into Sonos. I think your request therefore needs to go to Spotify.
Thanks for responding!

I'm aware of the options you described.

In Spotify you can already sort a playlist by date added. I could play the playlist from the Spotify app and stream it to my Sonos system and that will solve my problem.

But I still think Sonos could Improve their product reversing a queue. I think it is a simple feature with a huge win. One button that reverse a list of songs.

In my case, I would start using the Sonos app rather than the Spotify app when this feature would be in place. This would also be the case with every other music stream app, like Soundcloud (not sure if you can stream to Sonos from the Soundcloud app though)

Could this perhaps be placed on the product backlog? Or is it already on there?

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This counts as "sorting 3rd party playlists" which is technically challenging and highly unlikely, for reasons regularly described.

I support the request of the original poster. To the reply poster calling this “challenging,” I think not.

However, that poster has written his own software for Sonos, which can be found in the various “stores”, so probably has a more intimate knowledge of the code base than we do.