Feature request: Password protect room settings

Is there a way to password protect the room settings? I use Sonos in a shared space on a shared network and someone constantly fiddles with the EQ and loudness settings. I would love to be able to lock these with a pin or password.

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Not currently, no. But yours is not the first of this type of request, so who knows.

That being said, if I were you I’d figure out a way to move your Sonos to an unshared network, perhaps using a travel router, as I can imagine it’s really frustrating.
I hope they get this solved soon. I talked my office into installing several of these all around so each department can have their own music playing. Lately folks have been putting on illicit music in our finance department and there is no way to tell who did it nor is there a way to stop it from happening. Would be great to first pin protect a 'Room'. Second it would be a great to have users so you can see who is playing what.
I would also love this feature.
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Hi folks,

Thanks for reaching out and for the suggestion of adding a password to the app to protect room settings. I don't have any updates to share about when or if this feature will be implemented, but I'll send your feedback along as feature requests to the team.

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