Feature request: More grouping flexibility

  • 27 July 2022
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I know the ability to move speakers into and out of groups more easily has been requested a lot. But I wanted to add my scenario because I think it shows how much this is needed.

I had the Arc, Sub, 2xOnes HT setup. We use it for a lot of music as well as TV/movies, so I upgraded the rears to Fives. I’ve been struggling to get them tuned since the update. It turns out they sound better with the Fives as a stereo pair on their own. This also let’s me put the Fives in the perfect position for music alone.

But this leaves me with the dilema of whether to group the sub with Fives or the Arc. Either way, half the time, I will have my beautiful $1100AUD sub sitting there doing nothing. That really sux.

Surely it wouldn’t be too hard to let us save a small number of “profiles”? Then I could have a “music” and a “movies” profile that let’s me get full use of the sub.


3 replies

Unlikely.  Shifting Sub or surrounds from a regular stereo pair to a home theater requires a reconfiguring of the radios from a standard 2.4 GHz WiFi or Sonosnet connection to a 5 GHz dedicated slave connection to the soundbar.  This is why switching takes so long, and there is no convenient way to speed it up.

There is already total flexibility in grouping. What you are asking for is not grouping.it is reconfiguration. 

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Just an extra explanation: in Sonos a room is a speaker or a defined set of (surround or stereo) speakers. Rooms can be grouped. Putting a stereo set together in a room is called pairing, putting a surround set in a room is called bonding. You do not seem to want extra flexibility while grouping rooms, but in (un)paring or (un)bonding the contents of rooms. As @jgatie explains this would be much harder for Sonos to facilitate.