Feature Request: Chronological Album List by date albums are added to my Music Library (newest to oldest).

  • 20 June 2017
  • 1 reply

I LOVE Sonos but Sonos is still missing one very important feature...a list of most recent additions to my music library. Better yet, a complete chronological list (newest to oldest) albums in my music library. I have another app (which does not integrate with Sonos) that I can use with my music server that when opened shows this information...sometimes it's nice to be reminded what I've recently added.

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1 reply

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I would say to look on your desktop for the "iTunes" icon, but... this does require Sonos to have access to the meta info (assuming you have the tags) AND to relax their "minimalist UI" approach. Looking at the meta info Sonos might be storing, via the http://yourSonosIPAddress:1400/status/tracks screen, looks like there's artist/album/tracknumber/composer/genre but no other date info (added-to-library or year-recorded) stored. And short of Sonos scanning your hard-drive (or querying streaming service) on request, there might be no way for your Sonos system to figure this out.