Feature request: button to switch SUB on/off in app

  • 26 January 2018
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I would like an option to switch the SUB on/off in the app at Room level. Now I have to go throught all the menus in the app to manage the room. This takes an annoying long way in the userinterface.

In my setup I use a Playbar with SUB. For normal television use I don't want the SUB to play. When I watch movies or listen music I switch it on. If there is a button in the rooms page to do this at top level makes my day!

How about others?

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11 replies

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I can see your reasoning. How about a one click to room settings from now playing? Then it would be easy to get to sub and eq controls. It is far easier in the Windows controller BTW.

I'd also like the ability to schedule the nigh time setting on Playbar/base so it activates from 22:00 to 09:00 as an example.
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Well, I don't want to go to the settings page to end up in a menu page first. No, I want the shortest way from the now playing / rooms page to get that 'one click' (or a slider) to switch the SUB. I made an example image to show what I mean.

I assume that it is possible for the app to know in which room a SUB is connected / playing.
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Ooh no I don't like that idea and given this is not something the masses are clamouring for I would rather that toggle was a link to room settings and sub controls were place in the EQ settings rather than advanced.
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Well, I just made my point and give an example to solve my personal biggest daily irritation when using the Sonos system. When this is fixed I would be more than satisfied about the product :$

Let see what other people like, I don't speak for the masses.
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Why can't we have all the sound controls in the room setting? I mean why is this such a foreign concept to SONOS?
Logically, why wouldn't you have EQ, SUB levels, Surround levels nested within the room controls? I ALWAYS have to pause a movie and make everyone wait while I jump out of the room, go to settings, go to rooms, pick a room, select EQ and change levels so I can actually understand the dialogue (which plays back wildly differently than when listening to music) then I have to click "Done", then select "Advanced", then select SUB and drop that down a bit so it's not so muddy sounding, then "Done". At least someone had the forethought to give separate surround settings for TV and Music.

It is ridiculous!!!! Why does this not make sense to you, SONOS?

I agree with you S0n0sL0ver... make this path much shorter. Also I kind of agree with bockersjv. Make it a drop down or something where I can change settings right there.
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I would love the sub and surround settings directly adjustable from the room settings. You could tap the room in the example and have them on that page as most of that page is useless space anyway.
nice, I like this idea
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My take.

If you don't want the Sub in a room you have 2 options:-

1) Don't buy the Sub in the first place

2) If you only want it some of the time then switch it off when you don't want it. That way you don't even need to open the app/controller
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+1 on this request. I found this post for the same reason. In addition, an Alexa command “turn off the living room sonos sub” would be great.
+1 I like to turn my sub off when it gets late, and it's ridiculous the number of pages I have to tap through to do something as simple as toggle the subwoofer on and off.


Pretty cool idea, and nice UI example.  I don’t personally have a need for it and night time mode seems to keep the noise in check for my sub that’s linked to my PlayBar. 

My guess is that this won’t get far in the feature back log.  Sonos seems to prefer the super simple. Many of us have begged to have semi-permanent zone grouping so we could better manage large spaces with multiple zones controlled as one. Sonos has avoided the idea and my guess is to keep the controls simple.  If you get anywhere with this, I’ll start badgering about the zone linking idea.