Feature request: Add possibility to bypass crossover filter in sub settings for Sonos Amp

  • 4 March 2021
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It would be great if you could add the possibility to bypass the sub crossover filter in the app when connecting a subwoofer to an Amp. I want the possibility to let my front speakers always play the full frequency range also when a subwoofer is connected. So either have a radio button for whether crossover should be applied for both speakers and sub or for sub only, or an option to always send the full frequency range to both speakers and sub output and let me control the crossover on the subwoofer itself.

Now I know I can achieve this by connecting speaker cable from the Amp’s speaker terminals to the subwoofer’s high level connectors. But the I’d then lose the possibility to control the sub volume level from the app.

Thanks, Björn

1 reply

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Hey @bjornw, thanks for reaching out!


Thanks for your feedback and request for the ability to adjust the crossover point on a Sub. I’ll be happy to pass this forward as a feature request on your behalf. If you have any other suggestions to improve your Sonos experience, we’d love to hear them :smiley: