Every day is a reboot day since S1 update

Since I updated to the S1 controller about a week ago, I’ve had to reboot my entire network every day. All of my Sonos systems are wired on a network. So it’s not a WIFI problem, and I have static IP addresses assigned for them. I have rebooted the router, and I’ve also gone through clearing down, reconfiguring the static IP’s, rebooting everything and turning them on 1 at a time, so that the whole system is on. 

And each day it works until the next morning, when it can’t find the music library on my mac. I’ve also had to re-tell it where the music library is, and I haven’t updated the mac computer where that library sits for ages. It’s still running high sierra, because I need that level of OS for my other aps.

Nothing else has changed, except for me downloading and installing the S1 controller. 

I can’t help feeling massively let down by SONOS. The system was a lot of money, and for the years I’ve used it, it’s worked most of the time flawlessly. Ok, you occasionally get something weird happen and a reboot once or twice a year is acceptable. But right now, it’s And it can see my library file names, but ‘cannot connect’ , or ‘an error has occurred’.

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Hi @Bruce Percy.

Thank you for reaching out.

You're right this is very unexceptional for you to restart your network every single day.

  • Here’s what we have to check, can you provide the make and model starting from the modem then your router and down to mesh network or access point if you have one.
  • Submitting a diagnostic report we can see whats going on with our speakers.
  • You may also find this support document-link worth a read. Music library troubleshooting

Let us know if it works. If you need help with any other information, please be sure to let us know.


I double checked those settings for troubleshooting the library, and no, my computer isn’t set to sleep. I rebooted it just now and Sonos started to work again. Then I rebooted it again and back to the ‘can’t connect to your library’ and ‘an error occurred’. 

I’ve submitted a diagnostic report : 1101363916 for you.

I only have one router. It’s a Virgin Media Super Hub2, made by Netgear here in the UK. 

And since last reboot, I can’t add the library back onto Sonos, even locally on the same computer where I’m running the app and the library exist.


I get ‘computer is not responding’. Yet the computer is on the network and I can see it elsewhere on the network and access it remotely logging in.

Here is a further diagnostic : 1482881956

And so I moved my library onto a 2nd computer with Mojave installed, and I get exactly the same errors.

In your document it talks about HFS+. The latest OS is using APFS. Is that the problem?

I’ve sent you two diagnostics. Please respond.


The problem is the S2 upgrade.  I also had ZERO problems with S1 for many years.  Sonos released an awful app that has caused problems for thousands and now they want you to run around trying to fix something that they clearly did POOR testing on.

I got nowhere with sending any log files. And from looking around on the forums, Sonos have had issues with this for some time.


I am finding that the S1 controller will randomly find the library only to find an hour or so later that it can’t ‘reach’ the library on the same network. It’s so intermittent, and comes and goes now.


I will NEVER buy Sonos again. NEVER.