Equalization shortcut on smartphone apps

  • 25 April 2013
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The Android tablet app has a shortcut to the Equalization screen from the Now Playing screen (see page 2-13 of the documentation: http://www.sonos.com/documents/productguides/en/AndroidTabletGuide_en.pdf). Please add this to the Android smartphone app, and the iDevice apps for that matter. I like to toggle Loudness frequently based on the volume I'm listening at, but currently it takes 5 'clicks' to get from Now Playing to the EQ screen - too many.

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5 replies

I support this request.  I like to adjust the EQ and toggle loudness. It should be much easier to get to than it is currently.
Shure, Sonos. Please make a shortcut for the EQ in the Android smartphone / tablet app. Even like the PC app. It will be a great progress. Make my day.
Yes add a shortcut for the EQ on the room page when using the Droid remote. I asked for this two years ago and the tech agreed it was a good idea. A basic function like EQ should not only be available 5 clicks away on the EQ page.
I'd like to suggest 'smart' eq for sonos in addition to the much needed shortcut. I listen to talk radio at times and music the rest. When I select my favorite radio station between particular hours the app should automatically change to my alternate EQ settings and when I switch back to music it should likewise reset. How about "if this then that" capabilities?

While I'm at it, am I alone in thinking the system should have the option to drop volume when the phone or doorbell rings?
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Please check this topic, it might be the solution for your request: