Desired Feature - Master volume control for TV Groups from TV remotes and Sonos Speakers

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We really enjoying playing our TV through the Sonos sound bar/base and grouping in other Rooms so that we can hear what's happening on the TV while wondering the house - especially the kitchen. We'd like a way to "lock" a Group's volume levels together to behave like a master level, keeping them relative to one another and being able to bring them all up/down when using the TV remote or adjusting the volume on any of the Grouped Sonos speakers. Currently, when I use the TV remote to bring the Playbase volume down the Play5 speaker in the kitchen keeps blaring away making it impossible to talk between rooms. Conversely, while in the kitchen, I'd like the volume button on the TV Grouped Play5 to behave like a master volume slider again so I can lower the entire zone to make it possible to talk to family in the other room. The only way today I know to do this now is to open the app on my phone which is really inconvenient especially as I roam the house. So not sure if there is already a way to do this or if this a feature request, but we'd really like to create TV centric group with volume levels locked relative to one another. Is this currently possible?

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Whilst you wait for a more suitable answer and this cost money, I did notice the iPort xPress had the option to control individual speakers or groups. I don’t own one so cannot recommend or test.

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