Deleting Obsolete Alarms

  • 6 December 2018
  • 2 replies

I created a daily 6:00 PM alarm a few days ago in a room that I have since deleted from my Sonos system.
The original room was called Living Room 1 and that room no longer exist.
Now I get notices on all my IOS devices that the alarm has gone off.

How can I delete this alarm?

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2 replies

Wow, that's really odd. Trying to think of where that data is stored to be sent out to your iOS devices. Did you delete the alarm before you renamed the speaker from Living Room 1? Not that it makes a lot of difference, just curiosity more than anything else.

Barring a response from Sonos, there's a couple of things I'd try. First would be renaming one of your "rooms" back to Living Room 1 temporarily, and checking to see if the alarm still exists for that "room" in the Sonos system, and deleting it if it does, at which point you could rename the room back to whatever you have it now. The other thing I'd consider would be a "refresh" of all of the Sonos devices, simply by unplugging all of them from power for a minute (all at the same time), and then plugging them back in, to see if that "clears" it from memory.

But at the end of the day, these are just guesses on my part. If neither of them work, I'd recommend that you submit a diagnostic from your Sonos controller within 10 minutes of getting one of those iOS notifications, and posting the number here. There might be something in the data stream there that Sonos could pinpoint and help you with.

Good luck!
I tried renaming my existing living room group to living room group 1. No alarms showed up. Then I renamed it back to what it was. About the only thing it did was loose my tuning that I had to redo. I guess I will have to call support.