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Sorry if this has been asked elsewhere but i scrolled through the posts and couldnt find anything.

I dont want to use android/apple devices. Want a dedicated controller.

I know these are discontinued, but i can buy a decent one off ebay.

Are they still usable with play 1's, 3's, and 5's etc?


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They are available, and my CR100 worked with a Play:1, so I don't see why the CR200 won't work with the rest. Seems pretty expensive for something you can get for your devices for free.

Be aware that the CR200 has had something of a history of touchscreen failures. Moreover the focus of Sonos controller development has moved on to apps (Android, iOS, Win/Mac) and there's no guarantee that all new features will appear on the discontinued CR200.

Frankly I think you'd be better off getting a cheap Android device, configuring it to attach to SonosNet, and keeping it as a dedicated Sonos controller.
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Cr100 a better option to Cr200?
Cr100 a better option to Cr200?
Hardly. A pre-owned CR100 could well be reaching the end of its battery life. The CR100 is already missing significant features too.
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Don't you have a BlackBerry 10 device? The Android controller works it.
Another opinion. The app controller experience is not a pleasant one as compared to a dedicated controller in a cradle. I even tried the nexus 7 with the pogo pin cradle and did not like it.
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Cr100 a better option to Cr200? Oh yes most definitely!! Provided you are happy with the (now) limited functionality and understand the risk that the battery may be near end of life.

The CR100 has more hard buttons and the (non-touch) screen actually works and does what it should.

We have 6 Cr100s, 2 CR200, PC, iPad 1s, iPad 2s, iPad minis and iPhone controllers and of all of these I much prefer the CR100s but have to use other controllers now and then ast the CR100 is not fully supported anymore.

Just one user's opinion, best advice to go and try each for yourself.


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