CR100 unable to authorise play music

  • 21 October 2017
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Recently I just get an error message when I use the CR100 and try to play anything through play music or amazon - it just say unable to authorise - anyone any ideas as the iOS/android/PC controllers are fine

Best answer by Keith N 21 November 2017, 19:43

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6 replies

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Hello, sbrundell. Thanks for reaching out to the Community. If you are still having this problem, please submit a diagnostic report and reply with the seven-digit confirmation number it gives at the end. Thanks in advance.
Thanks - confirmation number is 8100355
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Thanks for the diagnostic report, sbrundell. Does this only happen with Amazon Music or does this happen with other Music Services as well? Google Play Music is no longer available on the CR100 due to security changes by Google. Apologies for any problems this may create.
No it is just Amazon and Google Play Music
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The CR100 has had a great life and always holds a place in our hearts, but as the requirements and protocols for service communication evolve, the CR100 hardware just can’t keep up. Some of the most recent changes to Google Play Music and Amazon Music introduced features and changes that the CR100 can’t support. We will continue to try and keep those controllers running as long as we can. Right now, you are able to control playback along with searching select music services but they are no longer able to specifically search Google Play Music and Amazon Music.

Thanks for your understanding.
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As long as you can keep Iheart and Tunein radio working along with the local library on the CR-100 I will not have to face an unhappy wife.