CR100 8.4 on the eve of update

  • 14 December 2019
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I’ve run 2 parallel setups in my house through 2 different routers. A 4G mobile  router runs just 3 zones of new Sonos equipment but my investment since 2005 (11 zones) sits on a router ringfenced at v8.4 with 5 or 6 CR100s still regularly used.


I’m changing ISP on Monday and can’t see any means of blacklisting the domain so I suspect I will get the inevitable update that will make my faithful CR100s obsolete.


Any recommendations before this happens? Anything I can do to preserve any value in them for someone else?  They all still work and have never had any battery changes.

4 replies

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What timing! Just spotted your message on my first visit to this forum for months!

Newer ISP-provided Routers do seem to have severely-limited options (probably trying to ease the ISP’s support burden)


Quick suggestions...

1. Check with Router / ISP forums to see what tweaking others have found possible

2. Firewall - block the domain

3. Parental Security - ISP routers usually have some facility - if only to check the "won't anyone think of the children" box

But if doesn't have a system-wide parental domain block, you might have to enter individual MAC addresses - and if you've got 29 devices...

4. If your Router allows you to change the DNS resolver, "OpenDNS Home" (free) allows you to block individual domains


If all else fails…

5. Buy a new router - business rather than consumer. These usually allow much more control

ISP may grumble that they “don’t support third-party equipment”

Went down the same path recently with Plusnet. Their standard router doesn't allow the fine control and the TP-Link chipset couldn't handle our high-attenuation ADSL line 

Hope (at least some of) that helps

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Thanks AgedCynic. I received the new router yesterday and fired it up without connection other than a single laptop to access it’s “advanced” menu for changing passwords etc, but I couldn’t see anything obvious.


My current router allows for blocking of domains via the ISP’s web portal so I assume that means their end and not at mine. The 4G one is equally user friendly but blocks domains locally.


I had considered using a data hotspot to migrate the smaller and updated system to, thereby freeing up the proper 4G router with its domain blacklist to allow my older 8.4 system to go onto. (Not ideal for streaming music though).  In theory that’s straightforward, but the migration process requires controller software (Android or desktop for me) and I’m convinced that the leap from one to the other means a compromised (upgradable) connection is required at some point.


Thanks for the tip on OpenDNS Home.  I’ll explore.

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I’ve learned to skip the ISP’s routers and go with a simple modem, adding my own router that is fully under my control. Sometimes you can switch an ISP router to modem mode and use your own router too.

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Just another quick “Thanks” to AgedCynic.  OpenDNS is a brilliant addition. Safequards my Sonos and comes in handy when stroppy teenage son gets too angry with his Playstation and blames me for the poor internet speed which is undergoing its settling in period.  I will die one day, but hopefully not quite as soon as he wants.

Thankfully he woke up happy after a bit more sleep than usual. :slight_smile: