Converting to Sonos S2

  • 9 July 2020
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After spending most of the day trying to create a music library with the S2 app (Sonos wouldn’t play the current app that was downloaded into the S1 app) and frustrating a Sonos technician; I tried something I should have started with:  Uninstall the S2 app, it might be the problem and reinstall a new downloaded S2 app.   That was the simple solution to the problem after spending a long time with the technician and following an email from the Sonos technician with all kinds of technical instructions to determine if Windows (PC) was configured correctly for Sonos.   Some of it was beyond my pay grade.   Windows was not the problem, the router was not the problem - the S2 app was corrupted or defective.  Hope this helps you.

1 reply

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