Controlling TIDAL through the SONOS app is unpredictable and extremely frustrating

  • 18 October 2019
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The SONOS-TIDAL integration is, well quite frankly - terrible! The UI is frequently unresponsive, always incredibly frustratingly delayed and often doesn’t do what is asked of it. The <Back> button doesn’t go back to the beginning of the current track, it skips to the previous track (not what ANY other player pretty much on the planet does… since, well CDs were invented), if pressed multiple times to go back several tracks it only goes back one - even sometimes after teasing multiple previous track names in the display. The main frustration though is how exceedingly slow responses to screen taps are, often leaving me wondering did the tap register and tapping again only to have several taps executed; eventually. This is on Android 10 running on a Google Pixel 3A phone and all apps, etc. are fully up to date.

I am HEAVILY invested in SONOS systems (for example - ten SONOS Ones, a Playbar/Sub/Ones home theater setup, etc. etc.) and an audiophile who values quality so I am a TIDAL subscriber. However, the extremely poor integration between the two systems is making me seriously rethink my loyalty to both. Being a professional in the media industry, I am often asked to refer equipment and media sources. I can’t really recommend SONOS & TIDAL right now. PLEASE improve this user experience!!

I have raised these concerns with TIDAL as well but when using the native TIDAL app, I don’t suffer these issues - only when using the SONOS app; which I prefer to use so I can control my relatively large SONOS ecosystem. That said, if I can’t do so efficiently without a massive study in frustration, I will have to ditch all my SONOS gear and find a better, working solution.



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