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  • 26 February 2018
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Each iteration gets worse and worse. I wanted to add several songs to the queue and discovered (by calling tech support) that the only way to do it is one by one. There is no possibility of clicking on several at a time. This is pretty inconvenient and I would hope that it could be corrected in the next version.

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5 replies

I'm not familiar with any apps on iOS that support multi selection. Can you point me at one that does, so I can see how it was implemented?
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I use an iMac and on the Sonos controller I can go to: Music Library-imported playlists-select playlist-and then I can click/select songs randomly and add them to the cue. There is no way to do that on either my iPhone nor iPad. I'm not sure why they can't make the same controller available on all iOS devices.
I think the point I was trying to make is that there's no other application that allows a multi-selection (non-congruous) on the iOS platform, at least that I am aware of.

It's an easy thing to do using a mouse and do you do it with only touch? Hence my request for you to point me at another app that you're familiar with that does this multi-selection feature. I'm interested in how it can be done with a touch device. It's an interesting UI challenge, and I'd love to know how other companies have solved it.
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So theoretically you could have a "select" button which would open up a left hand column with circles. You could then touch the circles next to the songs you want and then a button on the bottom or better top saying "add to queue, add to end of queue, etc" It is akin to "edit" in g mail where the similar set up opens up, you touch each circle to select and the on the bottom, "delete". Bruce, are you with the company?

No, if I was with Sonos, I'd have "Sonos employee" or somesuch next to my account name. All Sonos employees are marked as such. I was just trying to figure out how it could be implemented. But I do see where you're going with that, it does make sense.

I wouldn't hold out much hope for quick implementation of this kind of thing, but it seems like it might be doable....but then again, I don't know how their code base is set up.