Controller 8.x NEEDS TO BE FIXED!!!

  • 5 November 2017
  • 6 replies

Not only is the interface terrible and seems to be intentionally designed to make using google play and deezer miserable (amazon collusion?), it just DOESNT WORK ANYMORE. My system continually drops rooms, resets itself so i need to re-set up my whole system, and drops speakers in my stereopairs. I am ready to return the play one i just bought and sell the rest of my Sonos gear. I used to recommend this stuff to folks - i now will be warning people away unless you fix this pronto!

Unbelivable that a company whose model and very foundation is reliability, simplicity, and user friendliness has taken such a turn....

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6 replies

Whatever the faults of the new controller they cannot include causing speakers to drop off your system. The controller is just that, a controller. What has actually happened, probably, is that on rebooting speakers as part of the update, the IP addresses on your system have got messed up. It happens on a few users' systems every update. If you power off your router and everything on your network, then power on the router and each device one at a time, that will probably fix it. If not, come back for further help.
Thanks - i have tried that but will try again and repost if it doesnt help.. I am using the bridge - not sure if that makes a difference to the troubleshooting. My router is a high end triple radio netgear .
This does not imply anything wrong with your router!! Power up the Bridge as the first thing after the router. Really this should involve everything on network not just Sonos.

Bridge needs to be at least a couple of feet from the router and Sonos wireless channel well separated from that used by router's 2.4GHz band
Thanks John - its working again, though it worked for a whike after i reset it a couple days ago. Ive had to go through this excercise a couple of times over the years but its never been so sketchy as it has since the update so i believed there was a correlation. If it keeps working i will make sure to follow up so that this thread has a more positive note but my comments on the interface stand.

I had one follow up question about your last sentence though. Ive moved the bridge a little further from the router but 'well- separate the wireless channel" are you talking about the distance betweek the two devices or can you actually assign a working frequency to the bridge?

Thanks again.
A working frequency - channel - can be assigned to both the Bridge as well as to the router. For the Bridge it is via settings on the app.
Hi. My comments weren't addressing the interface. As regards network issues, correlation is not causation and on the basis of long experience I think you are mistaken on that one. But let's move on. Another possibility is a problem with the Bridge - intermittent power supply problems have been known as units age. So a thing to try if it happens again is to temporarily connect one of your speakers to the router instead of the Bridge and see how it goes (as a troubleshooting measure).

Yes your router should be set to one of 1, 6 or 11 (not Auto), SonosNet to something different. You can change the SonosNet Channel in Advanced Settings in the Sonos app. The best two channels can depend on your wireless environment. I use a free wifi analyser app to inform my choices, or it can be trial and error..