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  • 8 January 2019
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I works on simple integration sonos to my system (web-service). I wondering that exist some sonos cloud web-api to direct controll particular speeker or group speekers using created user account which allow me just :
- play/stop music from file stored on HD on server or smartphone
- controll volume

Actualy I read information from
On this page I not find information about how controll speekers but only about how to create own music service. I don't need create all service and implment all API I need only simply function as above.

I find how to controll speekers using UPnP, using SOAP body request but this is available only on local. If I want to controll from external (my web-service)I will need to forward 1400 port on my routers. Any way this is not safe, and I would like to controll speeker from sonos cloud (if exist) using autorization via account.

If I good remember Philips HUE has available cloud integration. You can controll light local, and also controll using hue cloud then You have a more advanced functions. That is much better and safe, so my basic question is whether exist some similar for sonos ? 🙂

Best answer by pwt 8 January 2019, 13:39

You need to look at the Sonos Control API:
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You need to look at the Sonos Control API:
Yes. This looks like what I need. I don't understand why I can't find this source early. Thank You for answer.