Control Sonos Volume from OS X Menu Bar

  • 13 January 2014
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We received a request for a new feature that would allow you to control the Sonos volume via the menu bar in OS X.

Let us know your thoughts on this and add a +1 if you'd like to see this feature on Sonos.

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82 replies

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Plus basic controls such as advance to next song.
So...if you get Better Touch Tool, one of it's many many amazing actions (which can be linked to keys) is to "Send Shortcut to Specific App". So while you can't really capture the volume can if you are also pressing the FN key (FN + F11, etc)...but that's not a big deal for me, because I actually change volume in general by swiping four fingers up or with Better Touch can map both.
Plus basic controls such as advance to next song.
Volume, next, back, play, pause would all be great. Please check out a great app the allows toolbar control for iTunes, called Tune Instructor ( There's way more than necessary for Sonos, but it will give you some good thoughts/ideas on an elegant app. The main feature that would be nice is to not have to have the full Sonos app running.
alternatively, why can't the controller use the volume keys on apple's wireless keyboard?  perhaps that's an apple issue, and therefore more difficult than an icon in the menu bar
I made a small App to address this issue:

Feel free to use the free version over GitHub:

Another great example is Skip Tunes...elegant, functional simplicity. Please provide this functionality for Macs.
+1. Great idea. Similar to iTunes toolbars like Synergy. This would add a lot of value.
Using the keyboard audio control would also be amazing. On my Mac Pro F7 to F12 are dedicated to sound. It would be great if they worked with Sonos. I believe they are functional in other 3rd party apps like Spotify. 
bottom line is i'm looking for a way to QUICKLY mute the audio when a call comes in; 
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2 years later, adding to the chorus:

Wow I see this post is from 2 years ago... crazy it is still not implemented as a standard function.
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I second that notion. Unless Sonos gets it together and starts adding the basic of features I am no longer getting more Play 5s and just changing it all for the HomePod when that launches.

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I cant believe this thread has gone on for 4 pages of +1's and still after years Sonos is failing to make the basics.
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+1, please!
No argument from me, honestly, which is why I caveated (is that a word?) with the "I think" part. And it may have changed over time, and I'm thinking of several OS versions ago.

Press FN key and the keys will be available.


+1 for sure.
+1, definitely; need easy access without having to pull up the app
+1!!! Would love it! Was just thinking about it today..
+1 would be very helpful
I agree with previous posts that being able to control the Sonos app with the keyboard controls would be a very awesome addition.
+1 - It would be amazing to control the app from the menu bar, or the dedicated Apple controls. PLEASE, Please, please make this happen!!!! 🙂
Yep, I'd also love this. 
Yes, Sonos should be controllable from the Menu Bar with all the controls available as drop down. This posting started 1 year ago. Any progress?
+1 I'm a new user to Sonos. Love the speakers but I must be honest I am really disappointed with lack of basic functionality like this.