Control Sonos Volume from OS X Menu Bar

  • 13 January 2014
  • 82 replies

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82 replies

No argument from me, honestly, which is why I caveated (is that a word?) with the "I think" part. And it may have changed over time, and I'm thinking of several OS versions ago.
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Sonos should add this functionality, but in the meantime, I purchased the app for 99 cents. Great work. Move the volume control to the TOP of the app however so I dont have to move my mouse as much.
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+1 (basic control functions in the menu bar - especially mute) would be great
Bought the menu bar controller which definitely helps, but I was disappointed to discover that the volume control is not mapped to the keyboard.. this is what I thought I was buying because it showed up in a thread that was discussing that. Not the developer's fault.. my mistake for not reading the description carefully enough. I'm still in serious need of controlling the volume/mute from the fn#10-12 keys if someone can please help me get there (SONOS, are you listening?!)
I don't see a reason not to support this!
+1 for this! Can't seem to find anything for this.

Press FN key and the keys will be available.