Connection from Windows 10 on new laptop

  • 1 February 2017
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Hi, hope you can advise. I connected my new Sonos 1 to my new laptop. The wireless connection works great and getting music from Spotify from my laptop. Very pleased with the simplicity and quality. However I have been trying to connect my laptop general audio through Spotify - eg. get my Windows sounds. The reason I am trying to do this is because I am going to buy my first game and wanted to play on the laptop and get audio through my Sonos speaker. I right clicked my audio icon on the task bar and selected 'connected devices' thinking I could select Sonos. But it does not appear. What am I missing or doing wrong please. Cheers

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3 replies

OK thank you for your time. I had a suspicion it would not be possible. I guess it will be down to pcworld to buy laptop speakers. Cheers and thanks again.
I would also point out that you have not connected your Play:1 to your laptop as you stated. You have connected your Play:1 to your network, and also linked the Sonos desktop controller to your Sonos system. You are not getting music from Spotify from your laptop when you use Sonos. The crucial thing to understand is that the Sonos app is a controller for the system, and does not actually handle audio at all. Spotify is going straight from your router to the Play:1, as directed by your Sonos desktop controller. Sonos do not make computer speakers.
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That's not possible with the Play 1 I'm afraid