Connecting my MacBook to someone else's Sonos System

  • 8 December 2019
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I have my own Sonos connection setup at home on my MacBook for playing my iTunes libarary or DJ’ing with an interface/mixer (Native Instruments X1 Traktor) via a Connect. 

If I visit a friends house can I connect to his Sonos with my MacBook to play my iTunes libarary as he only as Speakers and doesn’t have a Connect? Alternatively could I take along one of my Connects and “Add” this to his system to hardwire my mixer ?

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5 replies

I assume that your friend has a SONOS system.

If your friend’s system has a PLAY:5 or one of the amplifiers, you can use it’s Line-In. Otherwise, I recommend that you factory reset your CONNECT before adding it to your friend’s system. On return home, factory reset CONNECT again -- before adding it to your system.

Cheers Buzz , yes understood about the factory reset If i have to use my CONNECT. 

If he only has ONE’s can I stiil just use my Sonos Controller to conect to his SONOS wifi / system or is this going to wipe out my settings ?

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Might it be easier to put your MacBook onto his Wi-fi, then add your files as a Music Library?

Hi Nik ..yes like that idea as I see you can add additional Music Library sources under Manage. I don’t want to be taking any hardware / CONNECTS with me unless I really have to as I’m flying long haul to him. He simply uses Spotify playlists where as I’d like to DJ with Traktor for his Xmas party which would mean using my CONNECT..Cheers

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Yup, I thought that might simplify matters!