Connect used with AVR for 3.1 custom bookshelves, and connectAMP FOR REARS.

  • 6 June 2017
  • 2 replies

I wanted to put a system together using a connect on an AV receiver, that will be powering three custom speakers on the front stage the sub woofer of course, The question I had was if I add the connect amp for the rear in ceiling speakers will I be able to create all as one zone? We have never done an application like this not sure if anyone knows if it can be done or not or am I stuck with client having to have grouped-them together?

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2 replies

For what audio source? If it is just music, you should just group the two "rooms", and assuming theirs no delay added by the receiver, you'd be fine. Things would be completely different if you're talking trying to interpret a dolby digital signal, as neither the Connect nor the Connect: Amp have the ability to decode and/or pass that signal. That is reserved for the Playbase/Playbar's optical connection.
The Connect Amp can be used for rear surround, but only where the rest of the set up has a Sonos bar or base. Not a third party AV receiver. For use in a group in the same room with the Connect, the AV receiver will have to be in stereo mode where only two front speakers will work; in any other mode, the lack of sync across front and rear speakers will almost certainly be very noticeable.