Connect Amps + Wired Speakers - Wifi Settings

  • 8 January 2020
  • 5 replies

I have 5 Sonos amps, each wired to not Sonos speaker in house.  I don’t use Sonos speakers.  Recently changer router and of course lost Wifi connection.  I can’t seem to get to Wifi systems using app as it does not recognize my products.  I assume the amps were connected wirelessly.  How can I get them reconnected to new Wifi network?  THANKS! 

5 replies

Thanks.  I noticed this article while troubleshooting however I can’t seem to get to ‘System-Settings-Change Wifi’ in order to do so as the app does not recognize any system and does not show the “This is not working” option.  Do I need to connect each amp to a Laptop or the router somehow?  Ugh

Connect just one of your Amps to the router with an ethernet cable. Assuming that you haven’t turned off the radio antenna on the rest of them, they should all connect wirelessly to the one that’s connected. Could take a few minutes for them to “find” the signal, though, I’m not sure how quickly it rescans for connections.

Thanks.  I assume I can disconnect the Ethernet after the others have connected and then the one that was hard wired will also connect to Wifi?  In otherwords, the Ethernet connect is temporary only?  

It is only temporary. Wiring allows you to connect to your system in order to 'correct' the WiFi details.