Connect:AMP pairing with Sonos Android app

  • 5 June 2013
  • 3 replies

We have a Connect:AMP and we are trying to control it VIA your Android controller but we are not able to. When the app is downloaded, the AMP IS plugged into a data port, during the pairing process, the app does not recognize the device when I push the two buttons simultaneously. Are older Connect:AMP devices not supported by the app? Thank you, Tyler

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3 replies

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Is this system previously setup ? If I understand correctly. You have a connect:amp which is hard wired to your home network.. Is this correct ? Anyway biggest thing.. Make sure you are indeed connected to your home network. Not your neighbors. Not some hotspot etc.. It's all compatible ..
I have this same problem. My connect amps are connected to my home network. My app for android was able to get them setup and I can see the amps on my laptop. However, when I attempt to find the sonos system by the android app, it indicates there is no sonos setup. It tells me to push the top two buttons, which I have done repeatedly and the same result : ! Not Connected...your sonos product was not found. If your producet is a long way from your router, you may move closer. try again.

I have troubleshot this problem numerous times and reinstalled the android app, only to the same result.
How could I set up the amps with the same app that now cannot find them?
The implication would be that your Android is connecting to a different subnet that the speakers are on, or perhaps a different wifi signal. There are some routers that don't pass information between 2.4 and 5Ghz signal sides, which might be an issue. Or, perhaps the Android device is connecting to a guest network, and the Sonos are on the main network?

Those are the two most typical reasons for non-connection. I suppose there are others that aren't immediately coming to mind.

Normally, I'd suggest that you submit a diagnostic....but if you can't connect to the speakers, you can't submit a diagnostic, at least from the Android device, where you're actually having the problem. I wonder if there's a value in submitting one from your laptop? It won't show any data from your Android connection (non-connection, actually), but there may be value, still. It's up to you.

Oh, there's also the possibility of a firewall blocking connections between the Android and your speakers. Might want to check and try everything with any virus/firewall apps turned off, temporarily, and see if that makes a difference. If it does, you then know where to start poking :)

Best of luck!