combining controllers

I can play one room with my iPad and a different room with my iPhone.  How to combine to control both rooms.

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Sounds like you’ve actually set up two different systems, each with one speaker and controller. I would factory reset one of the speakers, Then go to the other speaker’s controller, and use the ‘add a product’ function, so that both speakers show up in the same ‘household’. 

Actually, there are two sonos three speakers in Library 2 and a sub, 2 sonos 1 and a playbar in library 1.  I would like my controller to have access to each of these rooms and perhaps change the name of library 2.

And you can’t use the grouping function? Or use your controller to rename the room? 

Remember, there are two different controllers, one on the  iPad and one on the iPhone.  I don’t know how to use either controller to group or to rename.

Hence my first reply. Based on the paucity of information you’ve shared, I still think you have two different systems set up, each with its own controller. 
But perhaps you’d be more comfortable if you were to call Sonos Support directly to discuss it.

When you talk to the phone folks, there are more options available. They are available Monday through Friday during business hours.