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The Sonos controller never worked consistently on Chromebook. As already noted it would sometimes miss incoming event notifications (track change, volume adjustment, etc). It also wouldn't detect the player broadcasts used to identify the correct household on a multi-household subnet.

I half suspect Sonos nobbled it, to avoid an imperfect user experience. Hopefully this is a temporary state of affairs, until they formally support the platform.
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It was working on my Pixelbook running the android app, but not any longer. I too wish they would fix it.
Hello, just a quick question: with the recent proliferation of Chromebooks, when will Sonos release a compatible App? I am writing this message from my Chromebook, with the Sonos App running off a spare Android phone next to me. I know there are numerous vivid discussions around this topic in many forums, including the Sonos Community Portal. I wonder what your thoughts are on this subject? A solution to this dilemma would make a lot of customers very happy!