Cannot connect to Spotify from Mac Controller


I have a Play 1 which run smoothly from an android app, but cannot add/modify/connect to my spotify account from the Mac Controller.
Also, it was not possible to register the product via the Mac Controller. I had to do it via Android.

Can someone please help me? I had submitted a diagnostic 6404340 from Android since from Mac does not work.

FYI, I followed all info I found in Google, including checking the router, the signal and the Mac Firewall. Nothing really worked.

Thanks a lot!

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Hi. Is it really just Spotify you can't control? Can you "see" the Sonos speakers in the Mac controller? Can you "see" Spotify and other sources? Do you get any error messages?
Yes I can see the Spotify service which I configured with my android, and can see the speaker as well. I just get the message that it failed (can't really try now) but no error code or something like that.
Hopefully the diagnostic will identify the issue, but it will probably be some network error involving the Mac. If the Mac connects wirelessly to your network and it is convenient to use an Ethernet connection for an experiment, it would be useful to know what happened. Network problems are generally down to either IP addressing conflicts or IR interference. The following general advice on these may help.

If you have a Sonos component connected by Ethernet to your router, make sure it's at least a couple of feet from the router and on a different channel (at least 5 channel numbers apart). Maybe try changing router channel as well. Do not have the router channel set to “Auto”. Are there other wireless devices near your router, such as a cordless phone, that might cause interference?

To clear a possible IP conflict, do a complete network reboot. Power down your router and absolutely everything that connects to your network - phones, printers, Smart TV etc, and of course Sonos gear. Turn on the router and let it come up fully. Then power on any wired Sonos component, then other Sonos components, then everything else. One device at a time, and let each come up fully before doing the next.

If none of that helps, submit another system diagnostic when the problem occurs and post the reference number back on here.


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