Cannot change name of speakers

Trying to change the name and it doesnt work

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typing over the room name?  I would try from desktop controller.  Don't select from the drop down list just type over name
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Hi User378933,

Is your system not allowing you to change the speaker name or unable to find the option?

-> FAQ: iOS Managing Rooms

-> FAQ: Android Managing Rooms

If the system is not allowing the room name to be changed this is normally due to wifi interference.
Would you mind submitting a diagnostic and replying with the confirmation number.
Here is a FAQ showing you how to submit a system diagnostic

Let me know how it goes.
How do you change the name of the speakers?
How do you change your profile name?
Which do you want to change, the speaker name or your profile?
Well, I'm not sure about the profile name. To change the speaker/Room name, go to Settings->Room Settings->(Room name)->Room Name and edit the Room Name.

Note, if this function is not available, then you probably joined the beta and are using an iOS device. As stated in the beta announcement, iOS devices are not included in beta, and will lose some features if you load the beta firmware to your Sonos system. So to edit a room, use another Controller type (Android/PC/Mac) or remove yourself from the beta and update to get these features back.
I am having problems changing the name of a zone. In settings I just have controller settings.
I am having problems changing the name of a zone. In settings I just have controller settings.
If you have no room settings then either the controller version is out of step with the player firmware, or you're using a 'partially supported' operating system. What device are you using, and what operating system?
i dont know what you mean by device. I have speakers connected to sonos amplifyers, connected to a PC ( there is only the Sonos running on the PC - it is dedicated for this purpose). and the Sonos controllers. thanks
What are you trying to change the names on? iPhone? Android? Tablet? Those are your devices. Desktop controller?
I assumed you were using a mobile device -- a phone or tablet. So you're using the Sonos Desktop Controller on the PC. Okay, what operating system is the PC running? And if you go to Help/About My Sonos System, what version numbers do you see for the controller itself and for the players?

(By the way I suggest you remove your email from your last post. It could be scraped and used to send you spam.)
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James - I'd remove your e-mail address if I were you.

You can attach pictures to the forum and much better than doing it offline - after all others may well have the same issue so if you take it via mail nobody can see the resolution.

Go into the Sonos app(program) on your desktop and under Help (I think) select "About Sonos" and check the version and make sure it is the same for the app on your desktop and all the speakers.

If they are different (Not all 6.4.x) then you need to update.

What OS are you running?
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i am trying to change the name in the SONOS system. so in the SONOS controller and in the SONOS program on the PC
Yes. What version of Windows? And check the About My Sonos System information in the controller as suggested.
one controller is version 6.4
all the other connect Amps say 6.4.2
when i press online update it says i am updated
i dont know where to find the operating system on the PC... sorry !
ok running Windows XP
ok running Windows XP
Windows XP is now only 'partially supported'. See

You would need to use a different controller to do set-up type tasks.
which controller would i need to use... it used to change the names of the rooms. i edited them in the past
You can use any controller on an operating system which is fully supported:
Android: Android 4.0 and higher (certain features require higher versions of Android)
iOS: iOS 8 and higher (certain features need higher versions of iOS)
macOS: 10.9 and higher
Windows®: Windows 7 and higher
ok thanks
can you help with another thing
one AMP is broken - i replaced it with a spare.
but how do i get this AMP fixed?
one AMP is broken - i replaced it with a spare.
but how do i get this AMP fixed?

You'll need to phone Sonos Support.