Cannot Add Music Library

Adding local iSCSI connected drive to library.  

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Hi Rodney,

sounds like Sonos cannot resolve the system name. Try removing the current library share and re-add with the IP address instead of the NetBIOS name.
That's why I don't understand the error message.  There is no share.  It is a local drive...
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Sonos devices use your network to connect to a shared folder on your computer or a NAS. The controller software isn't doing anything as far as the indexing or playing goes, it simply tells the Sonos device(s) what to do. So the folder with your music needs to be able to be shared over your LAN so your Sonos device(s) can connect to it.
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adding to Mike, when you add the music folder from the iSCSI drive, include the drive letter of the iSCSI followed by the Dollar symbol: \\<IP-Address>\<Drive-Letter>$\<Folder-to-Music\.
Ahh see that makes more sense.  So the error is not complaining that the PC Software cannot access the folder, it is sharing that folder out and the Sonos itself cannot access the share that was created.  I'll have a closer look at DNS and such to see if I can figure out why the device is having trouble resolving the CIFS share.


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