Can we have room profiles

  • 22 September 2016
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In a room with more than 1 speaker it would be great if you could set up profiles which you can switch between. I'll use my room as an example. I have a home theatre set up with 2 x play 5s, 1 sound bar, 1 subwoofer, and 2 x play 1s. When I am playing the Xbox I'd also like to listen to the radio. In this case I'd like to use the 2x play 1s for the radio and the other speakers for the Xbox. Making that change takes a long time right now but with profiles it would be very easy to do

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3 replies

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Hi, Fsmcleod and welcome to the Sonos community.

Thanks for posting your ideas! This is a topic which has come up before. Why not join in thehttps://
Thanks Tom. Didn't realize there was another thread on this. However, your link doesn't seem to work - it justs returns me to my original post. Can you update?
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Sorry! My mistake, should be fixed now.