Can't I use multiple iPhones to control Sonos Move?

  • 2 October 2021
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My husband has an iPhone and an iPad, I too have an iPhone and an iPad. We both have downloaded the Sonos app, and we have both logged into the app using a single Sonos account. We share one Spotify account.  All four of our devices are linked to our home Wi-Fi, and the Sonos Move is also linked to the same home Wi-Fi. I can connect to the Sonos without any problem, on MY devices, but my husband’s devices cannot connect to the Sonos Move, although we have gone through the troubleshooting/connection prompts several times, with no luck.  His Sonos app does show the Sonos Move, but it says he is not connected to it.  Shouldn't we be able to freely use all four of those devices?  We are only trying to use one of them at a time, by the way. Thanks for any insights.


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Yes, you should be able to use all four iOS devices to control the Move using the Sonos app.

What do you mean exactly when you say “his Sonos app does show the Sonos Move, but it says he is not connected to it”?

Up to 32 controllers can be simultaneously active. I recommend that you force close the controller App on the problem phone. If this does not cure the issue, remove the App and re-install.

Thank you so much! We did as you suggested, deleted and reinstalled the app, and now everything is working like a charm. This was so frustrating and we are delighted that everything is now working well. Thanks for taking the time to help us…   🤗