Can't get sonos app as my older imac runs ios 9.5 and no upgrades.

  • 11 January 2018
  • 3 replies

Is there an older version. Was told that in order to load Radio Paradise on sonos had to do it from a computer not my ipad or ipod.

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3 replies

Unfortunately, no, Sonos doesn't distribute older versions of the software. Would there be a chance you could 'borrow' a machine from a friend?
Has anyone tried the sonophone app and would it allow me to add Radio Paradise from my phone or ipad?
I have several iPads around my house that act as Sonos music controllers. But they run OS 9.3 so I have to be careful not to update Sonos and get the message that it won't work with the new OS. (Did that once with an old iPod... :o( It would be helpful if there was an archive of older versions of the Sonos app.