Can Sonos Controller on Mac also play same music on the Mac?

  • 23 November 2017
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I have a Sonos connect in my living hooked up to my AV receiver. If I'm in a different room in my house with my Mac, is there a way to also play the same music through my Mac using the Sonos Controller?

Best answer by Airgetlam 15 December 2017, 19:19

The Sonos controller only controls music on the Sonos speakers. It will not play music on your Mac's speakers.
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6 replies

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Hi, SavanyoJ. Welcome to the community. Are you trying to stream computer audio wirelessly? This is not possible. You can, however, set up your music library to play a specified folder through the entirety of your Sonos system. Do let us know if you have any further questions.
The Sonos controller only controls music on the Sonos speakers. It will not play music on your Mac's speakers.
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FAIL. This is an example of not studying your users, or worse, ignoring your customers because it doesn't sell MORE speakers. Why would I invest in more speakers from Sonos for my computer, when I already have a great setup on the computer? I experimented with a single Play:1, but the lack of flexibility is maddening.
Look, Sonos, all I want to do is play music on my computer using the local speakers, and optionally, simultaneously play to one or more Sonos speakers around my house. I would be fine if that only worked from the desktop controller app, since it's obvious that the computer and it's speakers are not part of the Sonos network. Lame.
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Not sure I understand the answers. I have music playing on my Sonos One. It happens to be music from a shared folder on my IMAC. In my office, I can play music, different, on my IMAC. I can also, at the same time play music, if I feel in a particular music mode, Play more music on my Mac portable. All of the songs are different. Is this what the questioner is asking for?
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The user wants to play music on his Mac, from his music collection or from a service for example, and have this music synchronised with his Sonos, which incidentally was what I was looking to do to (coming from Squeezebox where this is possible). It's a shame it is not, but hey ho.
Sonos wouldn't be in business for long if they allowed you to duplicate their hardware with a Mac/PC.

See Squeezebox as an example.