Can my smart tv be my Sonos Controller?

  • 15 March 2013
  • 6 replies

Is there a sonos app for a panasonic smart tv so I can use the tv & its remote as my controller?

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6 replies

No, only iOS, Android, PC and Mac at this time.
Well, poop.
Sonos should put some development work into providing a Smart TV based controller, please!
I agree. I've been scanning Samsung's Apps for the Sonos's Smart TV controller and was surprised that there wasn't one. You'd think that would be a perfect match to complement the system for those of us who use Sonos and a great advertiser for those who haven't discovered Sonos.
Yes... App for Panasonic Smart TV please!
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Is not going to happen. Just my opinion but the very idea that one would either need to or want to switch one's TV on in order to control Sonos is pretty funky to be honest. There has been suggestion in another thread(s) that it would be nice during a party to display the Album/Music artwork but even that you have to say the novelty is going to wear off pretty darn quickly.