Can I pick specific rooms for the alarm?

  • 7 October 2021
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Is it possible to have alarms play on pre-grouped rooms and not just “include in grouped rooms”? Throughout the day, I like to have alarms to play specific play lists in different parts of my home. This would be a very desirable feature.


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6 replies

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“Include Grouped Rooms” is the only option the Sonos app allows which means the alarm will play in the rooms that are grouped together at the time the alarm goes off. 

If you use an iOS device and Apple Music, you can use Apple’s Home app and create an automation that will allow you to choose any music or playlist from Apple Music to play on any group of Sonos speakers at any time of the day. You just need to add all of the Sonos speakers you want to use with the automation as an “Accessory” in the Home app.


That’s an interesting idea. I’ve never used Home before. Do you know if I can set it up so that I can play Spotify content over my Sonos system?

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Unfortunately the Home app alone is limited to Apple Music. But I believe you can use the third-party Soro app through the Apple Shortcuts app and create an automation using Spotify playlists that you create within the Sonos app. I’ll have to check this at home later tonight to confirm.

I use the Soro app to create shortcuts and automations with my Sonos devices and it works great:


It’s never occurred to me to use Apple Music over Spotify with my sonos system. Is the functionality better?

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The functionality of Apple Music is better on Apple products but not necessarily Sonos. The functionality of Spotify and Apple Music are about the same on the Sonos app.

FYI… I just created an automation in Apple’s Shortcuts app, in combination with Soro, that is set to play a Sonos-created playlist (that includes music from Spotify) at a specific time each day on a select group of Sonos speakers.


This is all very promising, thank you!

Couple more questions:

1. Do I need to use Soro to make this work? I’m trying to have as few unnecessary apps as possible :)

2. Is this something I can do with a macOS device also?