Bug: Grouping function regression. select grouping. check an other room. uncheck current room does not work anymore.

  • 28 October 2017
  • 3 replies

select grouping. check an other room. uncheck the current room does not work anymore. It used to take the playlist from the current room to the new room and stop the music in the current room. please make that the way it was.

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3 replies

Works for me. For stations it transfers completely. For queues, it leaves the queue behind, but stops the music in the old room and starts playing it in the new room, the way it has worked since I can remember.
i use android mobile controller. let me try the mac controller. yes the mac controller does transfer the playlist to the other player without grouping it with tho old room as i expected. so only on mobile app i see it go wrong. Also it only happens when you do this from the drop down list. in the screen with the album art and play controls. so when you do the grouping on the "rooms" screen it does work as expected. still playing with it now. is seems inconsistent. sometimes it does work and sometimes it does not...
I would reproduce the error and send a diagnostic to Sonos. Take a screenshot if you can and post it and the diagnostic reference number here, or at the other place if you are doing the other thing that begins with 'b' and rhymes with feta.