Blending in iOS devices

  • 28 September 2018
  • 6 replies

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Hi, there is a future that I use a lot, but it's only available in my PC, It would be great to count with this future in all software versions ..

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6 replies

Not sure I understand your post completely, but as the controller is only a remote control, that contacts your speakers for the data it shows to you, you can easily use either PC, Mac, iOS, or Android devices to control your Sonos system. If I remember correctly, there's a limit of 32, but I currently have the controller on 3 macs, 3 iOS devices, and a PC, although rarely do I have them all connected at the same time. But it isn't unusual for me to have both my phone controller open and an iPad controller open at the same time....they don't cause conflicts.
Blending? Do you mean crossfade, where the end of one song plays over the start of another? That is available on all apps. For iOS, it is available from the Now Playing screen by tapping the queue view (the horizontal lines).
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Thank you Jgatie, my mistake, I hadn't see it. Just curious, why can't I see the replies from the community web place? I had to open them in my email client

Ah, feature, not future. Makes my comprehension much easier. Thanks, jgatie. MsCopernic, there was someone recently who found that they had some feature set up on their browser that was blocking all replies, and showing only the original post. You may want to check your browser add-ins for something that might be interfering.
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Hi Airgetlam, you are right (in both things): feature / future (sorry, English is not my native language). Browser settings: I use 1Blocker for Safari, it was just a matter of whitelisting the website. Thank you !!
You're most welcome. No worries on the English at all, I just misunderstood the question, and gave you an incorrect answer, for which I apologize. But jgatie had the correct information, as usual. Glad it's working for you now.