Blank widget fix?

  • 8 January 2019
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I may have discovered something interesting or I may be an idiot but you might want to try this on your Android controller and see if it makes any difference. I have a bunch of different Samsung tablets, all usually positioned in cradles with the long side horizontal. On every one of the dratted things my Sonos widget keeps going blank and it takes multiple cycles of tap and return to the home screen before it would show data again. I'd pretty much given up on the widget today and decided to shrink it down to a smaller size and use the space for other stuff.

On every tablet I had the widget two rows high and one row (on each side) short of full width, when I shrank it down to have two open rows on each side of it, poof magic, my data came back. So far it has worked on every tablet and after several hours none of them have gone back to blank.

If you have the problem try it and let me know if it makes a difference for you.

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3 replies

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Hi, i am also bored of this widget issue, as the widgets are the only left way to "quick" access to the system after the CR200 controller passed away. I got a reply from the german support today who says they are "sad to hear that widgets don't work any more" (really? after one year of community complaints about this ?) and that it is an issue with the changes in background processing of apps in Android 8/Oreo. But hey - other apps (news, weather) can still update their why should SONOS not...)
Your hint sounds quite weird - i have my widgets in default size, but always linked to a border, tablet is in portrait position, and i already tried only one widget per page, the only default size, but never with two row space between widget and border.
I'll try that and report the results....
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..tied to try your hint, but by tablet and phone have only 6x6 resp. 5x5 grid, so no way to have two rows blank around the widget. placed them in the middle with 1 row free on ech side - widgets were active for about two hours on all my screens, but after swinging a few times from screen to screen, the widget changed to "tap here...." and few seconds later i got "Sonos app crashed"
now trying a different laucher .....
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tries Nova lauchner prime, created 8x8 grid, placed widget in the success ...after few minutes same behaviour....:-(