Big wish: Make it possible to change the distance to the surround speakers in the app

When you are setting up your system with surround, you have to chose the distance from your listning position to the souround speakers, (0 - 0.6m or 0.6 - 3m or >3m).
Normaly I sit in the middle of the surround speakers (1.35m + 1.35m) and every thing is great.
But when I sit in "The cozy corner og the sofa", the distances are 0.5m and 2.2 m.
It would be SO nice to have a "balance slider" to the sorround speakers like the one to the front speakers.
See my little example (in danish text 🙂 ).


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Thanks for the suggestion, Megastone. I'll pass it along to the team for you.


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